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Conference Info

About Telecommunications & Broadband Summit 2016

Transformations and developments in telecommunications and broadband services are changing the way New Zealand engages with itself and overseas. New services and technologies mean a drive for innovation, and new opportunities in the way content is accessed and business will be done. Development of the Ultra-Fast Broadband network and Rural Broadband Initiative, together with 4G technology will move users into the fast communication age.

With the theme of Innovative use of telecommunications services presentations by senior representatives from government; industry, content providers, and major users will explore the new opportunities and industry developments and regulation. It will focus on how the telecommunications industry is evolving; take-up of the UFB; RBI and 4G; and include major user case studies from content providers, healthcare, education and big business; and showcase the latest technologies.

This is a unique forum where key issues will be raised and discussed including the release of the Governments discussion paper entitled “Review of the NZ Telecommunications industry”, and the release of copper pricing submissions”

Speakers will represent government organisations; telecommunications providers; major users of telecommunications services; content distributors; industry associations; and providers of the latest technologies.

This timely “C level” industry Summit will hear from the major players in the telecommunications and Broadband industry that will attract all stakeholders to discuss how services can be best utilised, that will also include the perspective from major users and content providers.

If you participate in one telecommunications and broadband event in 2016, this is it!

Conference Topics

Presentations and interactive sessions will focus on the new opportunities and latest developments for New Zealand's telecommunications industry including:

♦   How the industry is evolving
♦  Development and take up of Ultra-Fast Broadband Rural Broadband networks
♦  Major user case studies including healthcare; education and big business
♦  Content distribution
♦  Taking New Zealand business into the fast digital age
♦   Industry regulatory review
♦  Government policy
♦  Competition
♦  Open-access environment
♦  Opportunities with IPTV, entertainment and content delivery
♦  Development of 4G technology and mobile broadband
♦  Mobile Apps
♦  Industry evolution
♦  New opportunities
♦  Pricing strategies
♦  .....and more

Venue & Accommodation Details

Grand Ballroom:
The Rendezvous Hotel
Address: Cnr Mayoral Drive & Vincent St, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: +64 (0)9 307 5498
Fax: +64 (0)9 309 2679

Delegate accommodation is available at the Rendezvous Hotel which is connected by a pedestrian tunnel to the Aotea Centre

The Rendevous Hotel
Address: Cnr Mayoral Drive & Vincent St, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand.
Tel: +64 (0)9 366 5633
Fax: +64 (0)9 366 5439
Website: www.rendezvoushotels.com

There is a discount rate for delegates on quoting "Telecomunications and Broadband Summit".

To book accommodation contact either Rantej Bhatia or Rickey Randhawa:
♦  Rantej Bhatia: Phone 09 366 5436 Email r.bhatia@rendezvoushotels.com
♦  Rickey Randhawa: Phone 09 366 5436 Email r.randhawa@rendezvoushotels.com

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